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  1. Calvin, you are a huge inspiration. Within the past year I’ve been fantasizing over just getting away. Getting rid of my student loan debts, saving, and getting away from people. I have grown more misanthropic seeing all the horrible things people do to eachother (both in the past and presently), to animals, and to our environment and planet. You have it figured out, if I may, how do you live off of dividends and avoid the chains that working brings. We live in a world where we are slaves to work. Many people believe in having the latest phones, cars, fancy houses in order to be happy. I just want a small cottage or cabin in the woods or mountains, an animal companion, and to get away from everyone. How can I go about this?

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    1. I think you still need to endure work. The price of freedom is temporary slavery. I estimate a place far out in the county will not cost too much so you just need to save for it. If you can save and buy this cottage outright, it would be great, and then buy shares or ETFs to cover your living costs. Otherwise put all your money into shares and ETFs and rent the cottage just in case you want to move. While working you should simplify and aim for a minimalist life. Get a place far from the city and/or get flatmates to reduce cost. If you care about the animals then a plant based diet can save you a lot of money.

      I will also add that you don’t need to go out into the wilderness to seek solitude and independence. Being in a metropolitan area has its benefits e.g. access to supermarkets, ATMs, etc. You can still live your current life now but simply take steps to shield yourself from society. Being able to produce passive income from dividends allows you to shield yourself from society. You also have the freedom to reconnect with others on your own terms as you are able to retreat back into your fortress if needed. Your greatest power is your ability to walk away.


  2. Hey Calvin, recently discovered your blog, really interested in picking your brain about VDHG and VDCO specifically as I’ve just started investing in those and most ‘professional’ financial advisors have no decent advice to offer me on this topic. If you could spare the time would love to fire off a couple of questions via email. Let me know

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  3. Do you still have your YouTube video about “hard work” posted somewhere? It was a very inspirational video. I really appreciate your perspective.


    1. Much appreciated! It actually helped solidify a lot of ideas that I was contemplating during the time that you posted it. Thanks a lot for the great content!

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  4. Hi Calvin – just came across your blog after reading about your piece on the Betashares’ Dividend Harvester Fund. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and opinions on finances and life, very good insights. Look forward to reading more from you.

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  5. Hi Calvin,

    Would love to hear more financial type blog posts, specifically focussing on portfolio construction and management.

    More technical is more better.



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