Hating Humanity and the Dream of Being an Urban Hermit #Podcast

Humanity is fundamentally and inherently evil, and being happy about humanity depends on delusion and ignorance. The only way to sustain lasting happiness is to turn a blind eye towards human atrocity. If you know the truth, you cannot unknow the truth. You are destined to being exposed to reality, which can disappoint you and lead to permanent depression. The solution is to shield yourself from humanity and live off dividends. Gradually transition away from forced interactions with people e.g. through work and family and move towards a more flexible lifestyle that allows you to move in and out of relationships and friendships with ease. There is nothing wrong with moving closer to feel warmth, but you must have the freedom to step back lest you burn yourself trying to achieve warmth.

2 thoughts on “Hating Humanity and the Dream of Being an Urban Hermit #Podcast”

  1. Interesting thoughts. I can empathize with many of them as I too believe in the negative essence of human nature. I do not share this ideas very often as it freaks people out. Hard not to come to that conclusion after having an honest look around the world. As humans we love cognitive dissonance and make sense of all that by telling our selves delusional stories. It is very difficult to find meaning within this context. I’m not planning on having children either.
    I have become much more introverted in the last couple of years and really struggle having patience to deal with people and daily banalities. But I do gain a lot from my dearest relationships even if, at times, I get disappointed/disgusted by certain behaviors of my closed ones. I realize that I have a lot to improve and to work on too. I’m very selective with the people that come to my closest circle.
    A couple of good reads that you might enjoy – Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari and The better angels of our nature by Stephen Pinker.

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