The Accountant (2016)

Today I went to the cinemas with some friends to watch The Accountant. I enjoyed the movie because I could relate to the main character, an accountant who has autism (played by Ben Affleck). I suspect I may have autism. I don’t really know. No one has ever diagnosed me with anything. No one has ever called me autistic. I just seem to have many of the symptoms that autistic people have, and the way that the accountant in the film behaves seems very similar to how I behave. For example, I have trouble socializing and I do love rituals.

Although the title may seem questionable, the trailer turned out to look good, and when I watched the movie, I enjoyed it, although many others didn’t like it because the plot was convoluted.

There is actually not that much accounting in this movie, and the accountant in this movie is very well versed in military combat and martial arts, a result of training received from his father who feared that, as an autistic man, he’d be taken advantage of, and so he needed to learn how to protect himself.

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