Why I’ll Never Have Children

I don’t plan to have children. I’m not really afraid to admit that either. I know it’s weird to not want children, but I am trying to be more honest to people now, even if I offend them.

There are many benefits of being honest with your views. Even if your views offend others, people who are offended by your views will stay away from you, which means that over time you are surrounded by people who share your views, which makes your life more peaceful in the long run. People tend to want to associate with people who are like them, so if you’re fake, you’ll end up with the wrong people.

I have so many reasons for not wanting to be around children, but the main one is that they can be so loud and obnoxious. They go crazy and do whatever they like without any regard for others. People who hear me complaining about annoying children tell me that it’s possible to raise them correctly and that I’ve been around children who were raised by bad parents. In my opinion, it is possible to discipline children correctly and make them behave, but children know that you cannot discipline them too hard otherwise you’ll end up in prison. Furthermore, disciplining children seems like so much effort. I am happy to put in effort to do something, but only if there’s a purpose behind that effort. If you stab yourself with a dagger in the arm just right, you might not die, but why would you stab yourself in the arm in the first place? Same with children. If you raise them just right, they may behave and you will have a lovely time with them, but why bother having children in the first place?

Children are also not cheap. I have read many economic studies, and the average cost of a child is about $400,000 in total, which is astronomical. I’m not saying money is the most important thing in life, but it’s important because money buys freedom. Money gives you the ability to shield yourself from the worst of humanity. Money gives you the freedom to do what you want. My goal is to be a millionaire by 40, and I am in the early thirties now. If I have a child now, there is no way I’d reach that goal, but because I am childless, I’m fairly confident I’ll reach my goal. I don’t plan to use the money to buy anything fancy. I don’t own a car and will probably never own one. I wouldn’t want to drive a Ferrari or a Tesla. I’d rather use my money to put a roof over my head, give myself clean vegan food, and give myself the ability to escape should anyone at work or family annoy me (so-called “f-you money”).

There’s also another problem with children, and that is that it’s quite selfish to have children. There’s considerable environmental strain on the earth. The world population is growing fast and it’s uncertain whether the earth can cope with the amount of people on it, yet we keep on breeding. We humans keep growing like a virus and as we grow we spread destruction everywhere. Forests are destroyed, the air is polluted, species are made extinct, and animals are tortured and mass-slaughtered in factory farms. It is possible that the next child I produce may find the cure for AIDS or might discover how to commercially produce cultured meat and become a millionaire in the process, but paying $400,000 and hoping your child is the next Elon Musk…even a gambling addict is not that deluded.

My main point is that going childless is selfish because I’m looking to save money and get more freedom, but it’s also selfless as well. I don’t really see how my having children will help the world.

Will I take follow Durianrider’s advice and get a vasectomy? No, that is unnecessary. The thought of getting snipped down there is cringeworthy. I will just use protection. Furthermore, when it comes to women and sex, remember that if you’re not paying for it, you’ll pay for it.

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