Kogan Hotels = Booking.com

Kogan.com is Australia’s largest online retailer. I’ve purchased many products from Kogan and generally I am happy with their low prices.

Recently Kogan Hotels was launched (hotels.kogan.com), which allows you to book hotels from all over the world. I gave it a try only to notice that the layout of Kogan Hotels looked familiar.

I then realized that it was exactly the same as Booking.com, and when I went to Booking.com and entered the exact same details, I was presented with the exact same results, which means that Kogan Hotels seems to just get all its results from Booking.com.

Of course, there is nothing questionable about this. It just means that Kogan Hotels is useless because I already use Booking.com. The prices on both seem to be the same as well, so it’s not as if Kogan is arbitraging.

Kogan Hotels
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