Sean Lee Makes $30k per Month Passive Income

Sean Lee from makes a six-figure passive income from a fully automated online business ( His YouTube videos teach viewers how to live as a digital nomad.

I currently have zero income from businesses. All my passive income comes from investments, the bulk of which are from dividends and distributions from stocks, ETFs, and managed funds. However, once my dividend income reaches about $30k or $40k, I plan to quit my job (or significantly reduce my hours) to focus on earning income online.

I currently generate about $15k per year in dividend income, which I consider to be enough to live in, say, Chiang Mai. Although there is great freedom to be able to escape to Chiang Mai and live off my investments, I wouldn’t rely on $15k per year because it is a very mediocre standard of living. It is enough to survive, but little else.

It makes sense for me to reach for something higher, say, $30k to $40k per year in passive income, which is my goal now, and after this I will focus on income from online businesses.

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