Why People Hate Charity Workers

After finishing work today, I went to the gym, spending approximately one hour on cardio and weights. While walking to the train station, I saw a young man smiling at me. He had a World Vision tag around his neck, so he was clearly working for the charity and was asking for money.

This young charity worker was smiling and he was saying friendly things. He noticed I wore a blue shirt, so he made a comment about it.

I smiled at him and walked off. Most people didn’t smile. They ignored the charity worker and pretended he wasn’t there.

On the train, I wonder to myself why charities bother with this method of collecting money. I understand these workers work on commission and only get paid if they raise money, but charity organizations need to understand these hustlers do great damage to the reputation of the charity and the brand. These workers are not genuine. They greet you will false smiles and fake friendliness, and this does not work on a population that is already very cynical, a population desperate for authenticity.

The lesson from all this is to be genuine. Be yourself. Express your true colours. Don’t try to hard to fit the mould. People are not that dumb. They can often detect fakeness. There is so much fakeness in this world now that, owing to scarcity, authenticity is highly valued.

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