What is the Best Diet for a Recovering Beta Male?

What is the best diet for a recovering beta male? Dieting is a controversial topic. I can only tell you what my diet is. I am a male, about six feet tall, and reasonably skinny, weighing in at around 75kg (165lb). I joined the gym about a month ago and have been going every second day. Each time I go to the gym, I spend about 20 to 30 minutes there mainly lifting weights. I aim to lift heavier and heavier weights. I started off lifting 25kg but now I find I can do double that, around 50kg. This may be little for some but I am just a beginner, and I have noticed a difference not only in my appearance but also my mood and levels of energy. I recommend the gym for anyone. Just google around, find the cheapest place, and sign up. Read the contract to make sure there is nothing dodgy, like an exit fee.

Dieting for someone who is lifting weights is very simple. Just eat a lot. I don’t bother with counting calories. I figure that if the goal is to develop muscle then it is important to eat as much as possible because food is necessary to build muscle. I aim to get protein, so I tend towards eating meat, cheese, and milk, which is helpful since I already love eating these things. For the sake of the animals (as well as my health), I tend towards grass-fed animals like grass-fed meat (and milk and cheese) rather than conventional meat that is fed with soy, corn, and hormones. In terms of what I avoid, I avoid refined sugars and salt. Refined sugars (e.g. in sweets, chocolate, cakes, and so forth) causes obesity and likely causes diabetes as well. Too much salt causes high blood pressure, which can lead to stroke, heart attacks, and other cardiovascular diseases. I don’t mind eating carbs, but I feel low GI food is better than high GI food, i.e. complex sugars is better than simple sugars because fluctuations in blood sugar levels can overwork the pancreas, which can lead to diabetes. Bottom line is to eat everything, aim for protein-dense food from animals that are fed grass, and avoid sugar and salt.

I don’t eat six meals a day, not because it is not healthy but because it is too hard because I work nine till five (or more). I have three meals: a quick breakfast, a medium lunch, and a fairly massive dinner. There are many moments in between when I am hungry. When it comes to snacking, I prefer to drink red tea with milk. Red tea (called rooibos tea or African tea) is caffeine free, which means I can drink it at night and afternoon without fear. Furthermore, red tea is free of oxalic acid, which means you don’t need to worry about kidney stones. The milk in the tea provides protein.

Some people have suggested I try protein supplements. I have been recommended isowhey. I haven’t followed through with the recommendation. The idea is that, after a workout, you drink protein shakes to provide your body with the necessary ingredients to build muscle. The reason why I don’t take protein supplements is the same reason why I don’t eat six meals a day: because I work. I gym where I work, so if I wanted to take protein supplements after a workout, I’d need to bring in a giant tub of protein supplement to work and then prepare it in the office kitchen after a workout. It is too much hassle and frankly it’s a little embarrassing and weird. Studies show that drinking milk after a workout is great for building muscle, and given most workplaces provide milk to their employees for free, it’s an easy decision.

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